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Florida Karting Series Points Structure

1st Place - 50 points
2nd Place - 48 points
3rd Place - 47 points
4th Place - 46 points
Each position after 4th - 1 less point
Minimum points received - 25
Fastest qualifier - 1 point
1 point for entering all events (5) in same class
Best 4 of 5 races count toward championship
Must run minimum of 3 races to be eligible for awards.
Best 8 of 10 races calculating for point championship title in Rookie class and must run 6 events for awards.
In the event of a tie in year end points, the tie will be broken by the highest finish in non-dropped races. For example: the most wins, seconds, thirds, etc. will be considered. If a tie still exists, the next tie breaker will be the competitor with the best qualifying record for the season.
Dropping a race also drops qualifying bonus point.

Points 2023

Rookie Stock Masters
Junior 1 Pro Junior 1
Junior 2 Pro Junior 2
Junior 3 Pro Junior 3
Stock Super Heavy Pro Stock Medium
Stock Medium Pro Stock Heavy
Stock Heavy Stock Semi-Pro
Pro Stock Super Heavy Senior Champ
Spec Crate UAS Open
Pro Senior Champ Juice Box